Describe and discuss the major aims of the Freedmen’s Bureau


use quote marks to identify the author. When you do that you are basically passing off the work as your own (even if you include the reference/website, and there were no references included in any of your responses). You need to place quotation marks around passages that come from another source. Also, when posting a section from an internet source, make sure to give your own thoughts (interpretation) on it.

Need One Paragraph on each questions, don’t forget to add quote and thoughts.

Discussion Questions:

In the beginning, each side in the Civil War believed the war would be brief and that their side would win. What advantages did each side hold that made them feel this way? Elaborate.

When looking at the advantages of each side in this conflict, make sure to look at military and non-military ones (such as geography and industry).

I want to return to Mr. Lincoln and the Civil War in just a second, but let us go back a few years to a case many people believe was the most important event in bringing forth the Civil War. What was the Dred Scott case? What was the reaction of southerners to this decision? What about northerners? What about Lincoln?

Lincoln had one plan for bringing the rebel states back into the Union; Andrew Johnson another; and the Radical Republican Congress a third. Discuss the aims of each president, and explain why and in what ways Congress took control of Reconstruction.

This is one of the more contentious issues we will be discussing this session. As you are thinking about the views of Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republicans, keep in mind the position of the newly freed slaves during Reconstruction. What role would they play in all of this?

Describe and discuss the major aims of the Freedmen’s Bureau, and evaluate the degree of success its proponents achieved.




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