Engineering Materials

A- Interdiction , conclusion.

B- Refrains. should be Harvard style.

D- when you finish from my assignment i have to submit in turnitin and that website its looking or searching in my assignment words if i taken from any resource of ( internet, students , books, newspaper …) so you have be careful in that to not become higher then 5%

* please go through the question.

* should you choose solid material.

* must be same whats its mention in the question of all things.

Task 1

Student should visit any of the industries in the fields mentioned below. Select any one product either from below mentioned products or any other product from that industry and write the report on product selected based on points mentioned below only after taking approval from module leader/module tutor.

Type of industry to be visited

  1. Oil and gas Industry (E.g. – Valves, Boiler, turbines, pumps, pipelines etc.)
  2. Electronic industry (E.g.-Transistors, amplifiers, diodes, motherboard, sensors etc.)
  3. Mechanical industry (E.g.-Engines, Gears, bearings, Shafts, machine frame etc.)
  4. Health care Industry (Surgical tools, Storage bottles etc.)
  5. Any other relevant industry.

Write a report based on following points. [80 Marks]

a. Knowledge and understanding of the topic:

i) Introduction of company.

Write in short brief, the manufacturing process for the material of your product. [10]

ii) Recommend the type of bonding and Crystal structure of this material.

Discuss the factors affecting the bonding and crystal structure of this material. [15]

iii) Structural formula/diagram, Composition of material. Possible defects and flaws that could be present in the material. [10]

b. Application and analysis of the topic (Module specific Skill):

i) Various properties of these materials and state the factors affecting these properties. List the equipment’s used for testing the mechanical properties of this material. [15]

ii) Recommend present competitive materials that can be used for same product.

Suggest possible future development in the material that can be used in this product.

Support your recommendation with correct reasoning. [20]

c. The Report structure in terms of logic and coherence: [10]

Report structure should have a clear start and a clear end. Information within submissions should also be logical and well grouped. Report structure, abstract, introduction, methodology/Analysis, applications, conclusion, citation, figure sources & referencing.

For this task:

Word Limit: Minimum 1500 words to Maximum 2000 words.

Font: Arial 12

Sub heading Arial 14

Title Size Arial 20

Line Spacing 1.15

Figures Moderate size with complete labelling, figure name and source of figure.

Task 2. [20 Marks each]

To enhance the learning skills of students, two quiz (one in 5th week and other in 11th week) will be conducted in the classroom during regular class session on topics covered in lectures. The topic names will be announced in CCE learn two weeks in advance. Students are requested to timely check the CCE learn regularly for all related announcements.

Marking scheme



Weightage (%)

Task 1

Knowledge and understanding of topic of each task


Critical Analysis skills and practical application of the topic of each task


Report structure, Citation , Referencing of each task


Task 2

Quiz 1 (in 5th week)

Topic names will be announced in CCE learn in 4th week


Quiz 2 (in 11th week)

Topic names will be announced in CCE learn in 9th week





  • Plagiarism is a serious offence. In case of any plagiarism detected, penalty will be imposed leading to zero mark. Policy and guidelines for dealing with plagiarism and malpractice in examination can be viewed by clicking:
  • The course work shall be subject to plagiarism software check.
  • Course work should be submitted on time. College guidelines on late submission of coursework can be viewed by clicking:
  • For online submission of course work, word file including duly filled cover page mentioning name of student, student number and title of the course work should be uploaded using the submission link created and made available by the module leader.
  • Student should get prior consent and approval of material selected from respective module tutor and then start working on the task.


Harvard Referencing (CCE Style) First Edition 2013 should be followed for both in-text and listing references. This downloadable document can be found in our CCE portal at:

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