Exercise Program and Emergency Operations Plan

2. An exercise program needs to be a comprehensive and progressive exercise. Discuss the elements of the exercise that define “comprehensive” and “progressive.” HINT – Think about the building block approach to exercise development.

3. Envision an imaginary emergency operations plan for a small rural hospital ‘Anywhere General.”As the new disaster planner for AG,

has asked you to review that plan and make recommendations for change

Using the knowledge you gained during Foundations (DMM 610), write a brief (250-500 words) summary of that fictional plan. That summary – which you should address to

AG’s Board
of Directors and CEO – should include parts of the plan you think are adequate and areas you think should be modified.

4. Tell the class the topic you plan to use for your capstone and post the document Dr. Bail

for capstone submission.

The document link is posted under Readings).

Reading Assignments

Attached Files:

All readings are from IS-139a unless otherwise noted.

1. Lesson 1- Exercise Design Considerations

2. PKEMRA (attached)

3. FEMA Emergency Support Functions – See attachment, but here is the URL:


4. PPD-8

5. Capstone Planning Document

The PKEMRA discussion can be found in the attached file and PPD-8 is found at the separate link titled PPD-8.

Capstone Document is found in the attached file – Provides guidelines to getting started.


These first IS 139s Lesson sets the stage for everything we will do this semester. Focus on these basics of exercises and drills. Get comfortable with the terminology. Get a sense of what it takes to go from one step (or building block) to the next.

PKEMRA is the document that came out of Katrina. Many, many hours went into producing this “lessons learned” document.

Finally, PPD-8 is a critically important document in emergency management. Read it over with an eye towards why the president wrote it and why we spend so much time studying it.

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