Final Project – Putting It All Together (week 1 to 11) and makes PPT slides for 14min

Research Topic: “Addressing the Challenges Today’s Online Shopping World Is Facing

Assemble week 1 to 11 according to the followings instruction and make a PPT slides for 14min:

See this thesis example

Attached Files:

Final Project – Putting It All Together

To this point in the course, you were submitting individual components of the thesis project. Now, it is time to pull all the components together into one final document.

The final paper must follow the provided template and include, at minimum, the information below.

  • Title Page (1 page separate from other pages)
  • Table of Contents (pages as needed and separate from other pages)
  • List of Tables, Figures and Appendices (pages as needed and separate from other pages)
  • Abstract (1 page separate from other pages)
  • Introduction (pages as needed)
    • Problem Statement
    • Research Question (s)
    • Purpose/Rationale (pages as needed)
    • Definitions (if applicable) (pages as needed)
    • Hypothesis/Propositions (if applicable) (pages as needed)
  • Literature Review (pages as needed)
  • Methodology (pages as needed)
    • Research Design (Describe and define the research approach or strategy used and how this approach was appropriate for this research)
    • Participants (Describe the sample population (number, gender, age, socio-economics, etc.) including how you obtained permission and consent)
    • Instrumentation (Describe any instruments used to collect data)
    • Procedure (Provide the detail about how you conducted the research)
    • Data Processing and Analysis (Explain, in detail, how you processed and analyzed collected data)
    • Summary
  • Results (pages as needed)
  • Discussion (pages as needed)
  • Conclusions (pages as needed)
  • References (pages as needed and separate from other pages)(minimum of thirteen (13) peer-reviewed, professional references)
  • Appendices (if applicable) (pages as needed and separate from other pages)

The paper does not have a page limitation (maximum or minimum).

Note: Please read week 1 to 11 before assemble or put all together, try to make sure to maintain proper continuation. Every week has to be properly link and don’t add or joint same paragraph or topic twice.

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