Find an Article:Using the Kaplan Library

Find an Article:Using the Kaplan Library find a peer-reviewed journal article that employs the Pearsons correlation coefficient (r-value) as part of the data analysis for the study. To find your article look for words such as relationship between predictive of correlation Pearson r-value or associated with in the statement of the research hypothesis and/or title of the article. Paste a link to your article here and write out the full and appropriate APA reference to the article.Review Results:Read and review the article. Write a paragraph describing the research question proposed in the article and the conclusion given. Include a critique of the article research results and whether you agree with the conclusion the authors have offered with respect to the correlation analysis.Describe the Use of Correlation (r):Next determine how and where the Pearson r value or correlation was employed in the analysis. What variables were examined and compared using correlation? What was the reported value of the correlation (r) for those variables and what does the correlation describe about the relationship between the two variables?Pulling it all together: Describe a time in your life that you used correlation to make a decision. What was the result? Did you wrongly feel that correlation was the same as causation?Remember that your goal for Discussion Assignments is to ensure:Responses are on topic original and contribute to the quality of the Discussion.Responses make frequent informed references to unit material.Responses are clearly written.A minimum of two or more responses per thread to classmates that are thoughtful and advance the Discussion are required.Please try to make your initial posts no later than Sunday night to give your classmates an opportunity to respond.Be sure your post is grammatically correct has been spell checked and fully answers the question. Be sure to comment on and respond to your classmates’ postings throughout the week.




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