Four Elements of Patient Education and Medication Discussion

Topic: Patient Education and Medication

One of the best ways to help decrease medication errors and increase compliance is to educate the patient about their medications. It is important that the patient has an understanding of why they are taking the medications and it is equally important that the healthcare provider explain what they can to help the patient.

For this discussion please view this short video. Once you access the link click the video to start.

The video explains four elements used in a process to help educate the patient as well as help the healthcare provider administer the correct medication.

  1. In the beginning of the video, the speaker mentioned two specific percentages in regards to patient understanding. What would you do to help decrease those percentages?
  2. How do you feel about the four elements in the process? Would you add one or two more elements to help ensure quality care? If so, what and why.
  3. What is your overall opinion of the video content?

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