I need a feast tutor to help me out with revisions

I need a feast tutor to help me out with revisions you add subheadings and also add some content see the attached files one file has the solution ns too revise.

Based on readings in the list and/or additional sources, write a 1,500 report about what it means to respect difference. The report should include the following:

  • Introduction
  • A critical analysis of the readings related to defining communities, creating inclusive/exclusive communities, and the challenges that arise;
  • The role and responsibilities of being an ethical professional when working with diverse communities;
  • A statement about the value of self-reflection in personal and professional life;
  • If and why/why not the videos that you are required to watch in preparation for the first session aboutRecognising & Respecting Difference might influence your engagement with diverse communities.

Word count: 1500

Weighting: 10%

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