Interview Report Assignment “Looking for Robert Only”

  • Now that you have conducted your interview with a health care professional, for your Interview Report, describe generally how the interviews went:
    • Describe your interviewee’s position (role, responsibility) and type of organization where he or she works.
    • What did you discover about the topics interrelated to developing a culturally competent and diverse organization?
    • What other insights did you discover during the interview regarding quality health care and disparities?
    • What worked? What did not work? What would you do differently next time?

Submit your Interview Report in the assignment area by the end of the week.

Take Interview questions and answers and summarize main findings from interview, Find date that will support culture group disparities around Fort Stewart GA, Hinesville, GA or Savannah, GA. Analyze how the date finding & collection support the interviews and culture competency issue by articulate the implication for the organization (Army Military hospital). Describe the relevant diversity issues and concepts determined during the interview from what the interviewer said. Find one culture group and identify and discuss what type of complementary and alternative health care practices might exist and explain the heath disparities and what the organization is doing to help. We CAN NOT list the question in this assignment. Then in a separate paragraph reflect on the experience as a interviewer and the relate to the role of person interviewed.

Ensure you have introduction, reference, be sure to look up how to reference a personal communication in APA, add data and statistics in citing in body of paper, and also include conclusion etc.

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