IRB for class/group survey

Prepare an IRB application to conduct the survey research examining the phenomenon of

for the Jefferson -East Falls approval to conduct that survey in the next weeks.

study title is disaster management with persons with disabilities

Attached Files:

Guidelines and Policies for Research Involving Human Subjects:

Procedures for Assuring the Welfare of Human Participants in Research Associated with Philadelphia University

Please read through this linked portal about human research at the University. The .pdf is a ‘past’ copy, in the event the portal cannot be accessed.

The representative forms that must be completed for research as a graduate student of the university are attached.

Jefferson East Falls Provost-IRB

Jefferson Main IRB Page


Some points we have learned from the new Jefferson IRB process:

This is for your project practice submission to me only.


  • Principal Investigator – put down your own name
  • Funding – Check “Other” box and write “self-financed”
  • All Cancer-Related Research – Question # 1 – Check “no” box
  • Certification of Conflicts of Interest – Check “No” box
  • Signature – Sign your own name as Principal Investigator


  • Question # 8 – You must include the boxes on your form and all must be checked
  • Question # 12 – Provide response
  • Question # 13 – You must provide provisions
  • Question # 17 – You must include the boxes on your form
  • Part F – Question # 1 – Check “East Falls”
  • Part F – Question # 2 – Check relevant boxes
  • Part G – Sign your own name


  • State who has access to a human subject’s personal information
  • Contacts – Eliminate all references To Jefferson Health, including

    Abington and Center City; Put down East Falls IRB as your IRB contact – telephone: 215-951-6279
  • Sign with your own name (In Principal Investigator signature box, scan your signature and replace your typed name with your scanned signature)