Larkin School PICO Question Evidence Based Project Presentation

The objective of the Evidence-Based Practice project is to evaluate your ability to develop a PICO question, summarize, critique, and synthesize current research. The project also requires you to determine the clinical application of this study to nursing practice.

The project is divided in five parts. Students are expected to follow APA formatting according to the most current guidelines.

You will provide a power point presentation of your final project on the last day of the course.

Project guidelines

  1. Title page (running head, title, student name)
  2. No abstract is required
  3. In-text citations following APA formatting
  4. Reference page in APA formatting
  5. Length of the final project should be at least 10 pages; no more than 15 pages (excluding the title page and references)
  6. Feedback will be provided for parts I, II, III, and IV prior to the next submission due date. Students are expected to make revisions based on feedback provided. All revisions from a previous part of the paper should be highlighted in yellow prior to the next submission.

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