NCBI Literature review: Impact of adopting EHR over the Last Decade

I have already started and just need someone to finish the literature review.

Please read what I have so far and add to work.

I have the abstract completed as well as parts of the introduction.

I would like for you to add to the introduction speaking to the history and introduction of electronic health record and to also go into the impact that EHR has had in the healthcare industry,

Please read the questions i pose in the abstract to know which type of articles to look up and to review.

I need about 1 page and a half to be added to what i already have. apa format 12 point font.

this is the link where I got the article to write the intro. please reference it.

i need about 4 more article to be reviewed, the articles my answer the questions in the abstract. The articles must be from credible source, no .COM.

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