NSG110 Three Personal Learning Style Assessment

1. Complete the VARK learning assessment (http://vark-learn.com/the-vark-questionnaire/). ; Print your results to PDF or capture a screenshot and submit with this assignment.

2. Identify your primary learning style and examine your secondary learning styles.

3. Discuss if you agree or disagree with the results. Provide rationales/examples.

4. Obtain 1 scholarly article from a nursing journal about your learning style (or one that discusses all learning styles) and nursing students.

5. Identify your current study methods. Based on your VARK results and information from other sources (ATI or textbooks), examine if you think these methods will be effective in nursing school. Provide rationales (they why’s and why not’s).

6. Identify new study methods that may be beneficial when studying in nursing school. Discuss how these methods support your learning style

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