NUR332 St Petersburg College Histaminase and Braykinin Paper

NUR-332-Z9 (PIE) Pathophysiology (16 Weeks-D3) Fall 2019

Week 2: Weekly Synchronous Session Reflection

After attending or watching the live session, pick two concepts discussed in the session that you found difficult or confusing. For each, clearly articulate what the content/concept was and note what slide the content was on. Any sources used, including your textbook, should be included as references in APA format. Next, select one of the options below, complete it, and submit by Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Option A

Using resources other than the course/textbook resources, find two NCLEX-style questions for each of the two-concepts/content areas (4 questions total) and cite where in your assigned readings the information to support each answer is. You may use “.com” websites to obtain these questions.

Option B

For each of the two concepts you identified as difficult or confusing, find a scholarly resource (video, journal article, website) that helped you better understand the topic. Cite both sources in APA format and explain the concept/content in your own words. Finally, note where in your assigned readings that content is covered. *Please note, you should not use “.com” websites for this assignment, as they are not scholarly sources.

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