NUR412 Utica College Vocera Healthcare Technology Nursing Trends Essay

In this essay, you will provide an analysis of how the 2 identified trends Vocera healthcare technology and remote patient monitoring are impacting nursing practice today. Provide evidence of nursing practice, and both positive and negative outcomes for each trend. Provide evidence and analysis of patient-positive and patient-negative outcomes for each trend. Please corroborate your analysis with a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.This essay will reflect appropriate use of APA style writing and formatting, and paragraph construction will reflect appropriate utilization of the MEAL plan.

Grading Criteria:

Purpose or thesis is clearly stated.

Content is well-thought-out and is clearly tied to the purpose (at least 90% of content). Body of paper uses concepts discussed in the course. Ideas are well-developed and complete. Additional concepts or topics are added to the body of paper, enhancing the analysis of the assigned topic.

Rationale and support for arguments is provided and is focused on evidence-based practice. Support arguments reference information from reputable, current, and scholarly outside sources that pertain to the topic at hand as well as content from the course. (at least 90% of content)

The paper is well-organized with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Paragraphs flow and there are appropriate transitions between thoughts. MEAL plan utilized throughout and for at least 90% of paper.

The entry follows grammatical rules, there are no spelling errors, and citations are correct. A minimum of 5 scholarly resources and in-text references are used and are correctly formatted. Excellent use of tenses, tone, and sentence structure.

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