Nurses struggle to implement evidence-based practice

1.After reading the article Nurses struggle to implement evidence-based practice, reflect on your experiences with evidence-based care. What barriers have you seen prevent nurses from implementing evidence-based practices? What strategies have been effective in removing those barriers?. In your place of employment, what type of ‘system changes’ have led to improved patient care/outcomes?.

2.As you consider your selection of your environmental conditions keep in mind the importance of healthy environments to optimal health. It is key for nurses to be skilled in the assessment of environmental health risks and hazards in order to adequately develop the health promotion and prevention education tools and strategies.

A component of the health risk assessment is assessing risks in vulnerable populations such as children and homeless. It is a way of determining the probability of a threat related to an exposure.Consider the community surrounding your school of nursing. Pick two environmental conditions and assess these conditions. Where do you think you could locate data to support your observations?

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