Pediatric Case

After you have selected the standardized developmental testing tool that is appropriate for your assigned case, address the following:

  • Does the tool measure the domain(s) of concern?
  • Is the tool “age appropriate?”
  • Does the tool address cultural considerations?
  • Who is to administer the test?
  • Is the reliability and validity of the tool acceptable? How did you assess these measurements?
  • How much time is involved in using the tool?
  • Is the language of the tool applicable to the patient and family?
  • APA style, use at least 3 references no older than 5 years.

Pediatric case

Selected testing tool (cite source)

What domains are measured?

Suitable age groups?

Is culture addressed?

Who should administer this test?

What is reliability and validity?

How much time is involved to administer this test?

Is it available in other languages?

How are results interpreted?

A five-year-old who is unable to focus on one activity for more than five minutes; easily distracted

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