pediatric Ethical dilemma

Ethical Dilemma


  • Write a 2‐3 page paper (not including the title page and reference page) using APA format.
  • Describe a pediatric ethical dilemma you encountered: The topic may also go beyond genetics, and explore the numerous ethical dilemmas affecting pediatrics. However, you must still describe an actual case in a format that tells the story of the how the dilemma unfolded, while including appropriate citations from the ANA Code of Ethics.


  1. Identify all the relevant and applicable principles within the ANA Code of Ethics that relates to your
  2. Dilemma.
  3. Describe in detail how your dilemma relates to the principle(s) you have identified.
  4. Discuss the outcome of the dilemma to the best of your knowledge.
  5. Discuss the resources within the clinical agency for dealing with such ethical dilemmas.
  6. Utilize resources such as your textbook, journal articles, Internet sites, etc, to aid in your discussion and to support your perspective about the situations.
  7. Complete the assignment using APA formatting. Include a reference page in APA format of sources used. You must use at least two references in this assignment (one will be the ANA Code of Ethics).

Example of an ethical dilemma.

**You can write the paper about this dilemma or any others good articles or cases you found. Keep in mind it has to be a pediatric ethical dilemma.

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