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I would say, that interpretation the term ‘key resources’ will have different meanings depending on your location and readily available local resources.

Those of us who live in or very near metropolitan areas have various local key resources; those of us who live in rural areas may not have many or may not have many different types of resources.

I.e. My Grandparents’ live 2.5 miles from the airport in Salisbury, MD which, growing up in Philadelphia, we considered, a little, country town then. When there was a fire, it was like looking at a different period in time, (as kids, we nicknamed it ‘Smallsburry’).

It wasn’t until 2005 that the Fire Department went through a major overhaul, (I guess in response to the area growing), and updated their equipment and technology to (finally include trucks equipped with foam).

Here in the DMV, Fire Departments are equipped with the latest in fire suppression measures and equipment and they are plenty Fire Houses locally.

So, since the term ‘key resources’ does not provide for quantifiability, our key resource, here, would most likely be the METRO public transportation system. Whenever there is an issue with the METRO, it makes local news and everyone has to find alternative modes of transportation.

If there was no METRO, or public transportation system at all in this area, “the minimal operations of economy and government” would, I believe, stop. There would be no “smooth functioning of government at all levels, and society as a whole” in this part of the country.

Thank God for Uber and Lyft because when the METRO is ‘messed up,’ (which is very often), we have no choice but to use Uber and Lyft. People in and near the DMV use Uber, Lyft all the time and now DC even has electric car, scooter and bike sharing services that are great alternatives to the METRO when its going through another extended period of issues that makes it unreliable, otherwise, the majority of employees who do not own vehicles or have the added funds for Uber or Lyft, would not be able to get to work.

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