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Healthcare finance.

Posted by, Theresa N.

I feel the most important of the “Four C’s” is control. Budgeting and resource planning is important in providing a well-established hospital and organization (Reiter & Song, n.d.). Without control of the budget all of this would fall apart. Each year healthcare reform changes and more policies are added to make it even more difficult to keep up. Managing financial decision is an important task to take and requires knowledge of cost and cash management, capital acquisition to be able to control resources properly for now and for the future as well (Reiter & Song, n.d.). This also applies to financial reporting and operational analysis all of this is what keeps an organization running efficiently and for the future.

The reason control is most important is because if you are not controlling how your money is being handled how can you expect to keep an efficient organization. Discrepancies in any of the areas of finance in healthcare in any organization could impact how cash is released and managed (Adeniyi, 2019). If cost cannot be controlled then how will an organization be able to run properly and profitable. Controlling cost is what holds an organization together and manages how cost and cash is being managed. If you read the “Four C’s” you see that control is last and that is because it is what ensures the success of any organization.


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Reiter, K., & Song, P. Gapenski’s fundamentals of healthcare finance (p. 8).

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Substance Abuse

Posted by Rohan W.

I do believe that drug dependence can be a family disorder. A lot of things such as hair color, eye color, and height are usually hereditary. Even health diseases are common in families that share the same blood and genes. Having a drug dependence creates a high chance of passing it on to other family members just by being around that person. For instance, if a mother has a drug dependence and her child is constantly apart of the situation, then that child has a high percentage chance of also becoming dependent on that drug. According to Lipari, children who have a parent with a substance use disorder are more likely to develop those same substance use disorder themselves (Lipari, 2017.) Same thing applies for a mother who does drugs while she is pregnant. So, in a sense, it is kind of both hereditary as well as learned behavior. In my opinion, drug dependence and family dysfunction go hand and hand. Either one can occur first. If a family is falling on hard times and it is creating a lot of stress, then any one of the family members can turn to drugs in order to cope with the pain and stress. In vice versa, a family member could get introduced to a drug and become addicted, which in turn creates an issue for the family because of the side effects of an addict.


Lipari, R. (2017) Children living with parents who have a substance use disorder; Retrieved on May 23rd, 2019. Retrieved from…

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Substance Abuse

Posted by Brandi T.

I do believe drug dependence is a family disorder or runs in the family. Although I do not believe it always repeats within families, I do believe there is a dependency gene that is passed allowing an individual to be more addicted or tolerative to certain substances. Being dependent on certain drugs is not a learned behavior, it is acquired. Just because an individual is around drugs does not mean they will follow the same path. I have been around a lot of people/family members who smoke cigarettes, and marijuana, but I have never tried either. I have never found the need and never felt It boosted my self-esteem to even try it. Alcohol dependency runs deep in my family, especially on my father’s side and seems that all the men on my father’s side are alcoholics. Some to the point of having the shakes without a drink daily, yet I do not feel the need to drink at the same rate or frequency as them even though I am around it all the time.

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