Rules Analysis

Project Statement

Your firm has been hired to write a proposal for a project to address an emission problem for a turbine engine that uses landfill gas for fuel. The most recent source test for the engine determined that it did not meet its required emission limits for NOx or VOC. The engine’s owner has determined that the turbine engine can be upgraded to boost its efficiency and also add an emission control device that will reduce emission levels.

Necessary technical information for the engine will be provided in a supplemental data submittal.

Your team will be responsible for preparing a report and a presentation outlining your design for the emission control system based on an analysis of the emission data from the current engine configuration, rule requirements and specifications provided,

The project report must contain the following sections. Each person from your group must be designated as responsible for a specific section.

****my part is “RULES ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION” SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE OTHER PARTS!! i will attach an excel file that has all the other parts of the project for you to know how to do my part, you have to figure out what the laws are for each of the three Rules that i have below and compare the values in excel to those rules***


1. SAN DIEGO APCD Rule 69.4.1

2. SAN DIEGO APCD Rule 20.2

3. NSPS fro Gas Turbine Engines (KKKK)


i want you to do only this part:

***Rules Analysis and Discussion***

a. Review of each rule required

b. Use information contained in other sections to determine rule requirements

c. Discuss key requirements for each rule

two attachments: (project calculations, project statement (instructions) )

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