this question is about community health education



It has become increasingly obvious that Our Town, USA, is experiencing a drug problem, but few residents want to admit it. Our Town residents cherish their quiet streets, lush parks and sense of safety.No one dreamed that their neighborhood could someday become a drug area.In fact, the problem seems to have snuck up on everyone.Our Town features only one bar. If an adult drinks too much, it is usually handled by the manager and the local cops in a quite manner.The neighboring township is known for selling to underage teenagers.

Over the last year, the climate in Our Town has changed dramatically. Incidents of teenagers being arrested for possession of alcohol and other drugs have become common place. The local TV News is reporting driving under the influence (DUI) almost nightly. The Chief of Police reported to the Planning Board that burglaries have risen 30 percent over the past 6 months.


You are a resident of Our Town and you are a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) employed by the local Department of Health.Your director has charged you to develop a program intervention to present to the Planning Board.

What is your profession recommendation?What are the essential elements that must be addressed in the proposal?What are the steps that are needed to be develop an effective intervention? Be clear, concise and comprehensive.

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