Week 1 discussion


My favorite social networking site is Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/). I have been a member of Facebook for 10 years now and I visiting the site at least once a day; however, I only post a few times a month. I like Facebook because I am able to connect with family and friends near and far. Facebook allows me to see how others are doing whether it’s through them posting pictures or making a status update about things going on in their lives. Facebook also allows me to do the same. I am able to share special events or occasions with my friends such as trips and outings. I am also able to connect with others to invite them to an event I may be having or share news on my page, so I don’t’ have to go through hassle of calling multiple people. Facebook is convenient and fun, but you have to take caution as there are people out there who use Facebook and other social networking site for malicious purposes.

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