why i want to become a nurse

Answer the following: Questions`1: My passion for becoming a registered nurse( please share your inspiration / innovation behind becoming a registered nurse, career goals ,etc.)My passion for nursing comes directly from my desire to help others in need. I want to be a nurse because I get personal satisfaction in assisting others and feel I am capable of not only understanding the necessary qualities of a nurse but am able to recognize the patient’s perspective.

Question :2 My journey to becoming a Registered Nurse includes( please share successes you have experiences and /or challenges you have overcome as well as education and employment) in this part you can include successes would be completing my associates degree, working on my bachelors degree, and becoming a cop in the city i was born and raised, given back to the youth, my community and church . challenges losing my mother at the age 16 to heart disease and my father at 17 to cancer.

This gives you an idea to build from.

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