write a discussion

  1. 1 Why is it more difficult to apply theory to qualitative research ideas or research questions?
  2. 2 Why will following the steps outlined in this chapter be better than rushing forward on your own to get the research project done quickly?
  3. 3 Why are research hypotheses and null hypotheses mutually exclusive? When you reject the null hypothesis because it is false, why do you accept the research hypothesis as true?
  4. What important differences does the literature review have for clinical research, health education research, and basic science research?
  5. What are the principal differences among the various databases available to researchers?

  6. Explain the formula used for attaining the level of evidence when conducting your review of relevant literature.
  7. Discuss how you can rate the quality of evidence found.
  8. How does the quality of evidence play a role with the level of evidence in your review of studies?

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