Project 2: Question Development Worksheet Assignment

In this learning block, you will use what you have learned to complete your Project Two: Question Development Worksheet. In this project, you will explain why you were interested in the news story you selected, what you already knew about the topic, and how the news story is related to the natural science concepts in the course. Finally, from the perspective of a natural scientist, you will select a question to study. Be sure to carefully review the Project 2 Guidelines and Rubric document so you can address all of the critical elements of this assignment and earn maximum points.

To complete this assignment, review the Project 2 Guidelines and Rubric document below:…

Find attached the Question development worksheet Template, that will be where you will answer the questions.

Also here is a sample of the Question development worksheet:…

Review the Project 2 Guidelines and Rubric document before submitting your project. Pay careful attention to the “Supporting Work and Resources” section in this document, as it clearly calls out where you already worked on the required elements of this project throughout Theme 2.

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